Escola Secundária Manuel Cargaleiro is a typical Portuguese high school with 30 years old. I tis located in Fogueteiro, Amora, near Seixal, in the South bank of River Tagus.
There are classes from 7th to 12th grade (general studies such as - Economy, Humanities, Science and Technologies and Arts). There are also a few Professional Courses (Tourism, Multimedia, Photography, Computering and electronics). Students can be in clubs such as European Club; Theatre; Online Newspaper , Radio and volunteering.
The school is composed by 7 different buildings and a gym. Secundária Manuel Cargaleiro school has other facilities such as a canteen, a library, a radio studio, biology and chemistry labs and several art rooms. Classes begin at 8.20 am and finish at 18.30 pm. Students normally have two or three free afternoons. Senior students only have classes in the morning.
It is a public school, therefore students come from different social backgrounds. Some students are upper middle class and some others receive social support from the government. Also our school has a great deal of students coming from African Portuguese speaking countries and some from Brazil as well. However, most students are of Portuguese nationality.
School was named after Portuguese painter and ceramista Manuel Cargaleiro, who also is its the patrone.
- What kind of institution is it: Public
- Type : Public non-profit
- Number of students, age range: 1000 students. /ages 12-19 years old
- Number of teachers: 90
- Object of activity (including all the specialisations): general Education
- Social context: suburb/dormitory town near Lisbon, Almada and Seixal (where most parents work).