Carmen Sylva - pen name of Queen Elisabeth of Romania


A Cambridge English Assessor was going to come to "Carmen Sylva" to assess Cambridge Advanced English. She had never been to Timisoara before. When she googled the school and saw its picture she said to her colleagues: "I am going to Hogwarts."

On a lighter note:


"Carmen Sylva" could be the fifth house of Hogwarts (Houses at Hogwarts were both the living and learning communities for its students) as it, too, harbours all kinds of wizards: computer wizards, language wizards, science wizards. A description which does justice to "Carmen Sylva" Pedagogical School.

On a serious note:


The "Carmen Sylva" Pedagogical School in Timisoara is an emblematic institution in many ways:

1. Featuring the 1900 English Gothic style (Victorian England) with elements of neo-roman and neo-gothic,the building clearly stands out in the architectural variety of the city;
2. For very many years it has been teaching students (among other things) how to TEACH;
3. Its inspirational history, long established reputation and indisputably referential present make it an IVY LEAGUE school in Romania. Those who want to pursue their studies in medicine, languages, computer science, "Carmen Sylva" is a school to consider.