"I have been asked to describe what I've been through this week, but honestly no words can accurately describe the Erasmus experience. You have to experience it! I can only tell you to prepare yourself for losing yourself in time, for spending days and nights in endless conversations, for finding out that you actually like food you never thought you would eat, for getting to know so many unthinkable places it makes you feel like youãre dreaming, for celebrating the nights you wonãt remember with the people you will never forget! Get ready for the week that flips your life a full 360 degrees because once youãve experienced Erasmus, your life will never be the same! Once you return to your country, you wonãt be the same person with the same thoughts; otherwise you were not on Erasmus! Being in Cyprus , I enjoyed meeting up with other Erasmus students as well as other students in our host school and with the Cypriot people! Understanding Greek culture was particularly interesting and it was great talking to locals to get insight into how they live. In Cyprus I had everything an Erasmus student could ever want: parties, seeing touristic zones and a group of amazing friends. It was by far one of the best experiences I could ever have been a part of. " (Ali Bordbar, Germany)

"Our trip started at 11am at the airport in Hamburg, Germany on our way to Cyprus. A tiny island on the map but a big and beautiful place to visit which I would definitely recommend. The school we spent most of our mornings at was really big, clean and designed with simple colors. We spent our first day at school creating T-shirts with our own talent and fantasy, which we took pictures with and took home with us. The Halloween party the Cyprus people prepared for us took place the first night and was a big highlight for a lot of people because we hadnãt expected it at all. You could definitely see how much work they all put into it because the music was really good, all the students seemed to have fun and the atmosphere in general was stunning. To sum up a really great start but definitely not the best part. Our first trip to Limassol was another big highlight and great experience the next day. Even the 1 hour bus ride was really funny and relaxing and the weather unbelievably beautiful. We visited a historical place in the Limassol district and spent the rest of the day at the port of Limassol to eat and relax with a mind blowing view . Our third day consisted of a free morning which I spent with my host family at a coffee shop for breakfast while a few participated at the parade. I heard it was a great experience to walk with all the Cypriot people and the music in the background played by locals, but I donãt regret spending time with Maria, her mother and her little dog called King at all. The rest of the day we played a game we all prepared ourselves for. In short one member from each group needed to answer questions about the EU. Our day ended with visiting a mall in Cyprus full of shops and little fast food restaurants. On the 29th we visited Limassol again but from a completely different perspective. First of all we had a guide who did a great job explaining every kind of important building, was super nice and calm enough to handle more than 30 studentsã attention. After that we had the chance to explore the city from above which was - for me personally - the best activity we did because I believe seeing a city from a high perspective gives you another point of view and the opportunity to see things you may have missed walking through before. Unfortunately time went by way too fast and also our last day did come to an end by spending it at the mall to have the chance to buy a gift for our hosts and just to spend our last hours together. The day ended with great and delicious traditional food at a tavern and by small but meaningful speeches from our teachers and students from each group. But one of the main reasons we visited Cyprus was because of two politicians that took their time to visit us at the private Cypriot school. I personally expected more and thought we would learn a new perspective from it. But the first one mainly mentioned things we already knew and the second one definitely did a better job and tried to communicate with the audience (us students), but I didnãt learn anything new either. Still It was nice being part of it, because Iãm sure it could have been better if they would have stayed longer, so I think it was just a time issue. To sum up, it was a great opportunity visiting the Greek part of the island but what made it to a special memory were the people around us. I personally am really grateful. I felt like at home because of my host family and couldnãt have wished for a better week. " (Ilia Malta, Germany)

"During the trip I stayed in the house of Charalambos, who lives in a suburb of the capital Nicosia. We got along very well since the first day, which greatly contributed to my great stay in Cyprus. We went on the first day to the school of the Cypriot Erasmus-Team, to perform the so-called icebreaker games, which would break the ice between the students and get to know each other better. The game consisted of creating a circle in the middle of the schoolyard and following the steps of the student that was in the middle. After the game we stayed some hours at the school and then went back to the homes of our host families to freshen up for the Halloween party that took place at the school. The party was certainly one of the highlights of the trip because everyone there enjoyed it completely and got to know each other, meaning that the goal of the day was reached. In the following days we participated in numerous workshops on the topic European Union and attended two speeches of Cypriot politicians in the school. The latter one was very exciting as the speeches were quite interesting and created in a way that the viewer could actively participate in them through questions on the topic. Besides the scheduled time of the project, we had a lot of free time that we could use to do whatever we wanted. I and the other German students used that time to get to know our host brothers and sisters. Furthermore we visited the important Cypriot landmark Curion, an old village of Greek settlers, with an astonishing view over the Mediterranean sea. On the way back to Nicosia we stopped at the port city Limassol to have lunch, something that we did in a restaurant that does not exist in Germany to have a unique food experience. Something that fits to highlights is also the city tour through Nicosia, where a guide explained to us the long and colorful history of the city, which reaches from the Venetian city control to the Turkish invasion of the 70s. On the last day of the trip we had a dinner in a typical Cypriot tavern with all the participating students and teachers of the Erasmus project. At the dinner we ate the delicious typical Cypriot food and had the chance to dance to Greek music, which was very funny because almost everyone danced together and had a great time. " (Neno Voss, Germany)

" As part of the "Face" project belonging to "Erasmus +", I was given the opportunity to participate in the 3rd mobility of the "Face" project from 25 to 31 October, to Cyprus, accompanied by two school teachers. During the week of the trip, I stayed at the Kourloulis family home, having as partners two brothers, Panos and Georgia. Despite that I didn't stay in the house of the cypriot guy who I hosted in Portugal, I was not too grateful for all the hospitality and comfort that the family provided me. I was also very grateful for all the attention paid to me in allowing me to choose according to what I most wanted to do or where I would like to go, as well as to give me the opportunity to taste the most famous dishes of traditional greek and cypriot food. Throughout the week we had the opportunity to participate in various workshops, games and conversations about the EU and the Schengen agreement, we visited cypriot cities such as Limassol and Nicosia and some smaller towns. It was fantastic to be able to absorb the architectural characteristics of the different cities and places on the island. What fascinated me the most was the contact and the experiences with many interesting people from so different countries. People with different habits and cultures all together due the unity and collective learning. It was absolutely magical to experience. I will forever remember this experience as the first trip that I got involved in the culture of a country. I met the natives, discovered and tasted the traditional gastronomy, contemplated both the architectural style of the cities and the natural beauty of the island's landscapes. I the back to Portugal we stopped in Athens, and because the time between the flights was too long we had another amazing opportunity. So, we were, during an unbeliveble day, in Athens. We saw the famous acropolis! At that time it was impossible to express my level of gratitude through words. This trip was simply perfect in all aspects without any doubt, and all due the collective work of all involved in this unique project which is "Erasmus +". " (Simao Andrade,Portugal )

"Between the 25th and the 31st of October 2018, we travelled thanks to the ERASMUS project to Nicosia, Cyprus. I was hosted by the family of Efstathios Panayotou and they we're the nicest people they could've possibly been with me. From the very first day, they embraced me as a member of their family and they always made sure that I felt happy and comfortable during the visit. They spoke English well and always engaged in conversations with me, thus we were always knowing more about each other and we learnt more about the cultures of each other's countries. Not for one moment I felt isolated nor alone in that house, we got along very well and they made sure they made me always included in their activities. During the visit I had the opportunity to meet many new people from the school, mainly peers from my host, and to attend some of the classes. It was interesting for me to learn more about how their school works. We were presented with the opportunity to listen to two politicians who spoke in a very clear and interesting way about the EU, I believe everyone enjoyed their speeches. Efstathios took me, Andre Freitas and Andreas Kokkinos to some beautiful landscapes and in there we had a lot of fun. We visited the cities of Limassol and Nicosia which were great for our understanding of the political situation of the country and the culture of the Cypriotes. On the last day, of member of the Cypriote Team organised very well an experience of equitation for all of us, and we sure did appreciated it. In the 31st of October, the Portuguese team also visited Athens and the acropolis. I enjoyed it very much due to the history of that place, the ruins were once great minds went there to discuss ideas and the beautiful landscapes. The memory I hold on to dearly is all the meetings and conversations I had with new people and the making of new friends. However, the farewell party should have been in a more open space, for people to dance more freely and there should've been some more activities to fill up some of the free time we had. Despite that, every Team did a very good job organising this trip and preparing all of the work needed for the week. On the overall, I am very glad I had this experience because I had the chance to meet new people and interact with new cultures while having fun. Thanks to my host and everyone involved in the project, the trip was very successful. I liked it very much and I wish to go back someday. " (Miguel Araujo,Portugal)

" It was in a mix of feelings that my parents dropped me off at the airport at around 5:30 am on the 25th of October 2018! In that whirlwind of emotions those who stood out the most were the anxiety and happiness, especially when I realized that I would be in the Cypriot territory within a few hours accompanied by the best Portuguese team I could ever imagine: colleagues and friends for life and the most beloved and understanding teachers, all representing Manuel Cargaleiro's Secondary School. After two flights, just a little bit turbulent, through the clouds, separated by a short stop at the London airport, we finally reached our final destination - Cyprus, a country marked by different and many cultures due to its history and days with an intense and beautiful sun! My last week of October was spent in the house of Stavriana Rafael and her nice family who made me feel at home. It was, no doubt, a friend that I talked with about everything and I am sure that we learned a lot from each other! Throughout those days, I participated in several activities such as a graffiti workshop, a living colour board game, a debate about the Schengen Agreement and a discussion on the European Union and the value of voting. There were also moments to make new friends and connections with people from the four different countries involved (Cyprus, Romania, Germany and Portugal), which is, in short, one of the aims of this project. Not only to meet new faces but to find those with whom I had already crossed in the first and second FACE meetings was something comforting and unique! I feel that Erasmus+ is a program that provides us special and rare experiences that covers not only funny and relaxing moments along with the plenty ways to express ourselves and learn more about the various subjects of the European Union! And this meeting was no exception because I can say that I learned more in that week about the Schengen Agreement and the importance of having an active "voice" through the vote than in my entire life. The part that I like the most, whenever I travel anywhere in Europe or in the world, is to get to know the culture and strolling through the streets of the different cities of the country, and I definitely loved the walks around Limassol and Nicosia. They were, in fact, the best days for me! So, in my opinion, the day that highlighted the trip, the one that I learned the most, the one that I laughed and enjoyed the most, was undoubtedly on Monday, October 29th because I felt fulfilled and crazy happy for being in that place, at that time and I wouldnãt change it a thing! I consider myself a very lucky person, not only for those fantastic five days in Cyprus and the wonderful Portuguese team but also for the incredible fact that I went to Greece one day on my return home and visited the Acropolis and a part of the city of Athens! I can say that while I was on top of one of the wonders of this world (Acropolis), I felt like a free, delighted and blessed European citizen! I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend all those hours, minutes, seconds, that I lived to the most, to get to know a new culture, gastronomy, region, language and for learning everything that only those who go through the experience may have a correct idea. I can say that those moments and experiences are really worth to live at least once in our lifetime! " (Ines Pinto,Portugal)