"I was hosted by the Alibasha's, a refugee family from Syria who had found asylum in Hamburg. I was as warmly welcomed into their home as a relative visiting from far away. Sadly, I didn't have a lot of time to actually get to know the family quite well, but the two meals I got to have with them were very special. I was able to learn a lot about the Arabic culture and tasted Syrian meals for the first time, which I loved so much I even took the recipes home. While the whole week was a memorable experience, if I had to pick a favourite activity I would have to go for the trip to Strasbourg. I learned a great deal of new information about the E.U. at the Parliament, got to know the city (which was lovely, by the way), the hotel we stayed at was magical and even the 10-hour bus trip was pleasant, as we grew closer with our peers and got to know our project mates from other countries. Besides that, the debate was fairly interesting too, as we learned more about the Schengen Agreement, and flashmob was a one-of-a-kind experience - not everyone can say they took part of a Europe-themed flashmob in the middle of Hamburg! I went on this trip with no expectations whatsoever - it took place during a quite stressing time at school, so I didn't really have time to think about the trip and I had already taken part of a Mobility. Therefore, I couldn't ask for more from my trip to Hamburg. The people I met, the experiences I had and the things that I saw will forever be engraved in my memory. The "most Hamburg" thing that I did was hanging out at night with the kids from the project till the early morning. Something about wandering around town with such a diverse group, feeling the cold air of the night, photographing the street lights and sharing our experiences that led us all to that moment really made me see the city with different eyes from what I did while "touristing around" during the day. The week I spent in Hamburg was surely one of the best of my life and it left me completely recharged to face life back home. " (Catarina Valada, Portugal)

"I don't have been a lot of time whit my host family but they were really cozy and generous. For me the best activity is the visit to the European parliament. For me the most important part is the exchange of life experiences whit my host . It's very constructive interact whit people from diferent cultures and life styles. "(Fausto Manuel, Portugal)

"As part of the F.A.C.E project, a trip to Germany (more precisely in Hamburg) was carried out in order to learn more about the EU as well as to interact with different cultures. This event occurred in February 2019 (It started on the 11th and ended on the 16th) With regard to the host family, it should be noted that sympathy was always a present reality. They welcomed me as if I was a family member! The fact that the host family acted in this way made me feel at home from the beginning to the end of the week. I can only thank them for everything they have done for me. Still on the topic, I would like to share a gesture that made me feel special. One day when I was having breakfast, I revealed that I really liked the homemade sweet that my host's grandmother made. That same day when I returned home after the activities of the project, I noticed that I had close to my bag a jar full of sweet made by her. Once again, the sympathy with which I was received left me speechless. As for learning activities, we have to give credit to who organized the project. The activities were very interesting and interactive, something that contributes to a better learning on our part. The fact that we learned through this type of methods make us work with more motivation. If I had to choose the activity I liked the most it would probably be the visit to the European Parliament, despite the long hours of travel. It is always interesting to see how the entities that govern us and care for our interests work. It was definitely an unforgettable experience! Regarding my expectations, I think we should have explored better the city of Hamburg, something that did not happen within the project, but only during the free time I had with my host. It would have been interesting to do a peddy paper in a city like Hamburg that is so big and mysterious. One of the experiences I would like to share is related with public transportation in Hamburg. The fact that many people opt for this type of transport makes the city much less polluted. It is also important to emphasize the effectiveness of these methods as well as their timeliness, something that does not happen in Portugal. To conclude, I take a very positive assessment of the trip and the project. Overall, I was quite satisfied not only with the social experience but with the activities carried out so this trip will be present in my mind for the rest of my life. Danke, Hamburg!" (Goncalo da Silva Marujo, Portugal)

"I enjoyed my time with the host family, they were very friendly to me and made me feel like I belong. I wasn't able to spend a lot of time with them or visit many places in their company due to the fact that we had to wake up early most of the days and also because most of our free time was spent in the company of other students. I hope I get to see them again sometime I really enjoyed the company of everyone in the project above all else, but if I had to pick a favorite activity it would be the flashmob, as it was very different to what I am accustomed to In my opinion, activities that are fun and most importantly physical are excellent to entertain everyone and make sure they have a good time. Students don't really enjoy being stuck in a room and writing stuff. The European Parliament tour, especially the core of it where they make loads of decisions was a key factor to understanding how the EU works. It was a very good decision to allow us to view this, as it heavily improves our perspective of politics and how the system works in most countries. I would have liked to be engaged in more group activities that weren't as related to the project. The debate was important to our trip, but we should also have some fun while we are there. Things like dances, art or something similar would give us more opportunities to get to know each other and make friends easily. For example, one of the best memories I have of this trip was when I hung out with the Romanian and German students. We enjoyed the night life and had a lot of fun together. Erasmus has left me with very high hopes for any trip abroad, and although I didn't get as many chances to connect with everyone, I still loved it and would go to Germany again if I had the chance. " (Guilherme Ricardo Garcia Coelho ,Portugal)