Opening and Presentation of schools


In the Assembly Hall, schools "introduced" themselves. It was the German Stadtteilschule am Hafen, Hamburg, which broke the ice. Next came Portugal with Escola Secundaria Manuel Calgaleiro, Amora. Then followed Cyprus, Forum Private Greek School from Nissou and the "Carmen Sylva" Secondary School from Timisoara. The approaches to the content which the students chose varied from power-point presentations and interviews to collages and parable-films that were meant to illustrate the cultural and educational profile of the schools, the students' and teachers' work.

City tour


For about 2 hours, guests and hosts walked along the recently cobbled streets of a medieval city teeming with history. The guide, a very knowledgeable and passionate professional, succeeded in arousing everybody's interest in the many wars which this city had to fight along its century-old existence.

Freshers' Ball


Visiting students and their teachers were invited to celebrate the 9th graders of the "Carmen Sylva" High through dancing.